Positive relationships

Our staff

We recognise that our employees are our most valuable asset, as they play a crucial role in the care and development of your children. We employ enthusiastic and resourceful nursery staff whose personality is as essential as their qualifications, experience and professionalism.

In return, we develop and reward them appropriately for the dedication and commitment they show to your children. We are proud to offer continuity of care, with staff retention rates that are significantly above industry averages.

Key person

To foster your child’s well-being and involvement, our employees adopt the role of key person. They work with you to plan effective, individual routines and experiences that meet your child’s every need, whilst embracing your child’s interests and aspirations. To encourage continuity of care, children are required to attend a minimum of two separate half-day sessions per week.

Parents as partners

We work in partnership with parents and encourage your involvement during your child’s time with us.