Our Childcare

Your children are our priority. By adopting a modern, flexible approach to childcare we provide a caring, nurturing and secure environment. We achieve this by:

Taking a holistic approach to the care and education of all children in our settings.

Providing a variety of natural resources and experiences for children that inspire their curiosity in the world around them.

Encouraging our employees to think about the way they work, so they can create an ethos of continuous improvement to achieve high quality childcare.

Supplying an all-inclusive* service whilst adopting a flexible approach to our opening hours and sessions to fit in with the demands and needs of modern family life.

Ensuring that your child’s security is maintained by the implementation of effective policies and procedures.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle through our nutritious menus and rigorous infection control procedures.

Recognising our employees as a valuable resource and offering the benefits and training opportunities needed to develop and retain an excellent workforce.

Valuing parents as partners in all aspects of family life.

* meals, drinks, snacks, selected formula milk, and nappies for under 2’s up to size 5.