Enabling environments

Inspirational environment

Our philosophy is to encourage children to learn through play. Our nurseries have carefully selected, age appropriate resources to engage children’s natural curiosity and creativity and encourage them to experiment and explore.

We think of the outdoor environment as an extension of indoors, so children of all ages will be offered opportunities to explore their outdoor surroundings every day.

Childcare provision

3 months to 2 years
Our youngest nursery children enjoy a self-contained environment, which includes a base room, sleep area and nappy changing area.

Each child’s key person works with parents to plan routines that mirror those followed at home.

2 to 3 years
Children accessing this area of the nursery are supported in building effective relationships within their peer group as they play and learn. This is a time when children are gaining increasing independence to establish their own routines and key persons will work with them to develop such skills.

3 to 5 years
We offer this age group a diverse range of resources and experiences that maximise fun and enjoyment whilst challenging their individual development and consolidating their learning.

4 to 11 years
At some settings we offer After School and Holiday Clubs. During term-time, children enjoy a stimulating and creative environment where they can select activities that provide a challenge or simply help them to relax after a busy day at school.

Our holiday club provision is planned to include trips, outdoor activities and experiences that will keep older children entertained during these times.